Vocational Education

The Central Bergen County Technical Educational Center in Paramus functions as a shared-time facility cooperating with other Bergen County high schools.

The school provides one-half day of vocational and technical career training, which is coordinated with the student’s high school schedule. All academic classes and extra-curricular activities are taken in the “home” high school.

Any high school student, male or female, may apply through the guidance office of his/her high school. The guidance staff will process applications for submission to the school. Students are admitted at the tenth, eleventh, and twelfth grade levels. Because of state licensing requirements, Cosmetology students are enrolled at the twelfth grade level.

Since all the career programs are planned for a three-year training period, preference of admission is given to tenth grade applicants. Transportation is arranged by the local high school. The following career majors are available:

Auto Body: Development and applications of skills will be made in repairing damaged frames, panels, and parts of the automobile as well as finishing and painting.

Auto Mechanics: Beginning with bench work and mounted engines the student will develop the skills required for working on all the various systems of the automobile. The goal will be competency in diagnosing trouble, servicing, and repairing of automobiles in the “live work” situation.

Auto Specialties: Students will receive intensified bench work in dismounting automotive power train components. The goals will be to develop the skill required to specialize in major engine and transmission repair.

Cosmetology: The student will develop all the techniques of hair and scalp care used in the operation of a beauty shop. Successful completion of this course will qualify students for taking the state board licensing examination for beauty operators.

Commercial Baking: This course provides students with the basic background in all areas of baking. Students will engage in the development and production of bread, yeast products, pastries, cookies, and cakes. The development of safety and sanitary practice is stressed.

Commercial Foods: In this program students prepare for careers in food preparation and service. Students learn preparation of a wide variety of soups, entrees, and salads, as well as nutritional and dietary guidelines. The course also stresses ordering of stock, inventory, catering and butchering. Students are schooled in the professional restaurant manner. Dining room management is also integrated into the curriculum.

Masonry: This course will stress familiarization with various building materials including brick, block, tile, concrete and mortar, and the skills required for installation of these materials. The course will prepare students for positions in the construction industry.

Printing: The Print Shop has complete facilities for offset reproduction. Students acquire skills in the following: Graphic Arts, camera, offset stripping and plate making, press operation, and bindery. The student will be working in assigned projects. Upon graduation, the student will be qualified to work in the commercial, quick copy, or in plant print shop.

Retail Merchandising: This program prepares students for employment in a wide variety of retail jobs.

Small Animal Care: In this shop, students train for full careers as a kennel person, receptionist (grooming shops, kennel or veterinary hospitals), groomer, dog trainer, show handler, pet shop operator, or animal care technician. Students progress from the preliminary tasks of maintaining runs, cages, equipment and supplies, to the more advanced care, feeding, breeding, dog clipping, training and related laboratory work, as well as pet shop operation.