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Welcome to the Ramapo Indian Hills High School World Languages Department.  The RIH District currently offers courses of study in Chinese, French, Italian, and Spanish at a variety of academic levels.  We pride ourselves in offering a program that focuses on interpretive, interpersonal, and presentational modes of communication while engaging our students in 21st century skills.  Our teachers utilize best practices in their content areas and create Integrated Performance Assessments.  We are encouraging our students to explore the language, the culture, and become global thinkers; by making cultural connections and comparisons, we become sensitive to diversity and learn more about ourselves as individuals and citizens in an ever-changing world.

If you talk to a man in a language he understands, that goes to his head. If you talk to him in his own language, that goes to his heart.

‒Nelson Mandela

Subject Supervisor
Erika McGavin
[email protected], ext 3353


Ting Liu [email protected] Voicemail extension: 5034


Natalie Deming [email protected] Voicemail extension: 6043
Priscilla Madera [email protected] Voicemail extension: 5065
Maria Tombalakian [email protected]Voicemail extension: 5023

Elisa Britnell [email protected] Voicemail extension: 5015

Graziella Lazzara [email protected] Voicemail extension: 6183


Alexandra Brown [email protected] Voicemail extension: 
Olivia de Diego 
[email protected] Voicemail extension: 6056

Erika McGavin [email protected] Voicemail extension: 3353
Cherie McLaughlin [email protected] Voicemail extension: 6059

Patricia Wehran[email protected] Voicemail extension:  6093

Clubs & Activities

French Club - Advisor: Mme. Deming

Italian Club - Advisor: Sig.ra. Britnell & Sig.ra. Lazzara

Spanish Club - Advisor: Sra. McLaughlin






Class of 2024 Induction Ceremony


WLNHS Purpose / Mission:    

The purpose of the World Language National Honor Society, also known as WLNHS, is to recognize high achievement in the study of a language.  The mission is to promote high standards of scholarship in language studies, support and encourage language studies, stimulate interest in and enthusiasm for language studies.  


National Honor Societies:

Indian Hills High School is proud to offer four National Honor Societies to our students: 

Società Onoraria Italica, Ramo Dante Alghieri

Société Honoraire de Français: Branche #3542

Sociedad Honoraria Hispánica, Capítulo Antonio Maceo



Academic Requirements:

 Honors Track:  In order to qualify for induction under the “Honors Track”,

the student must be a senior,

must have completed three consecutive years of the same language at the high school level.

must have earned a final grade of B+ or better in all Honors level language courses (A- in all CPE courses).

although it is preferred, it is not necessary for the senior to be enrolled in a 4th year of the language, provided that s/he has successfully taken at least 1 honors course; receiving a B+ or better in all Honors courses, and an A- or better in all CPE courses.

any student not enrolled in a fourth year must demonstrate commitment to the language and culture and how they will continuously immerse in the language and culture on a monthly basis.  


CPE Track:  In order to qualify for induction under the “CPE Track”,

the student must be a senior,

must have completed 3 consecutive years of the same language at the high school level.

must have earned a final grade of A- or better in all CPE level courses.

must be enrolled in the fourth year of the language.


Other considerations:  

Candidates applying for membership possess or are working toward the following personal goals: 

Language Performance 

Exhibit a sincere interest and enthusiasm for the language 

Take risks in communication inside and outside the language classroom 

Cultural Awareness 

Display a sincere appreciation for culture(s) 

Demonstrate open-mindedness and acceptance of cultural differences 

Make an effort to be part of activities and events in the community that involve other languages and cultures 

Personal Qualities 
Respect the rights and dignity of all people 

Represent the high standards of the WLNHS 

Demonstrate leadership qualities 

Work well with others 

Possess a strong work ethic 

Be optimistic and enthusiastic 

Be positive role models


Membership in the distinctive Language Honor Society

Official recognition that can be included on college applications

Program recognition at graduation for active members

Hold an office position and vote

Possible eligibility for scholarships for studying abroad (varies by language)

The right to wear your society's pin, medal or cord at graduation as a symbol of accomplishment


Application, Initiation and Induction:

Students who meet the eligibility requirements will receive an email invitation.

Students may seek membership by submitting a completed application, which will include:

Application form

Writing sample in the target language (to be completed by hand with the advisor on established dates and communicated with students)

Reflection questions (your responses must be typed)

A personal statement to include interest in the language

Personal qualifications

Description of personal qualities and examples of character, leadership, honesty, service and cooperation (reflection questions)

Permission Slip, Current Status Acknowledgement, Commitment of Agreement, Commitment to Promote Immersion of Language and Culture

Screenshot of current grades

Screenshot of WL class grades (assignments included)

Signed Affidavit 

Completed applications will be reviewed by the WLNHS advisor.

Acceptance emails will be sent once decisions are made, but students are not considered members until they are officially inducted on the established due date.  

There will be a formal induction ceremony. Family members of initiates are invited to attend. 

Late applications will not be accepted.  


Denials / Appeals:

Any candidate that was denied membership and believes that their membership application and/or writing sample was not accurately evaluated, has the right to an appeal.  

An appeals form must be completed and the decision must be appealed to the building principal.

Any candidate that would like a more detailed explanation, may speak with the WLNHS advisor, however, only the principal has the right to overturn this decision.  


Duties include but are not limited to:

Regular attendance at WLNHS meetings.

Giving back to the community through a variety of projects approved by WLNHS.  

Holding peer-tutoring sessions to offer assistance to fellow students enrolled in lower level language classes. 

Preparation for and assistance prior to and during World Language Week.

Attendance at the Induction Ceremony.


Qualifications for Continued Membership:

To maintain active membership in the WLNHS, students must demonstrate academic, community and global commitment.

Maintain a required honor average of a “B+” or higher in honors/AP language classes and an A- or higher in CPE language classes.

Provide a copy of grades at the end of each marking period.

Remain enrolled in the language class (if deemed necessary for qualification)

Provide a monthly report demonstrating continued intent to immerse in the target language and culture (for students not enrolled in the 4th year).

Follow ALL school rules as published in the Student Handbook and on the RIH website.

Follow the guidelines of the WLNHS (全美中文荣誉学会, Società Onoraria Italica, Ramo Dante Alghieri, Société Honoraire de Français, Sociedad Honoraria Hispánica) as stated in the school handbook and specific society website.

Attend the Induction Ceremony and all associated rehearsals.

Attend any mandatory and all general WLNHS membership meetings.

Partake in and help with World Language week and its activities.

Serve the Indian Hills community by offering academic assistance to fellow students enrolled in lower level language courses via the WLNHS Peer-Tutoring Program as needed. 

Demonstrate actions based on positive and proactive leadership, character and service to the school and the community through the activities of WLNHS.


Membership Termination:

The student is no longer in a language class (as deemed necessary)

The student’s language grade falls below honor average as expected

The student no longer meets the qualifications listed in the considerations above

The student does not follow through with duties/responsibilities of WLNHS

There is misconduct, insubordination and or any other infraction deemed serious by administration


Additional Information:

If students have questions about WLNHS, they should contact the WLNHS advisor.