Family & Consumer Science

Welcome to the Ramapo Indian Hills Family and Consumer Science Program.  The courses offered in our program, Child Development, Fashion, and Culinary Arts, engage our students in hands-on learning that promote career readiness, life literacies, and key skills.   The students are provided with opportunities to learn about the developmental stages of early childhood, create unique and personalized fashion designs, and utilize culinary skills that focus on nutrition while integrating math and reading comprehension proficiencies.

Subject Supervisor
Erika McGavin
[email protected], ext 3353

District Head Teacher
Katherine Gaspar
[email protected], ext. 5519

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Child Development

Robin Crossley - [email protected] Voicemail extension:5136


Culinary Arts 

Laurie Kusma - [email protected] Voicemail extension: 6125

Fashion & Technology
Robin Crossley - [email protected] Voicemail extension: 5136

Laurie Kusma - [email protected] - Voicemail extension: 6125