Applied Technology

The Applied Technology Department at Indian Hills High School focuses on application and implementation of math, science, and technology to solve real-world problems.  Teachers encourage students to develop their potential in an instructional environment emphasizing technology literacy and life skills to make them productive citizens in our society. Our students enjoy seeing the result of their creativity and hard work. This growing program encourages students to use their imagination, judgment, and reasoning skills.

Our technology curriculum prepares and encourages students to become leaders in the "21st Century Workforce".  This curriculum introduces students to Applied Technology and Design, Architectural Design and Modeling, Construction Technology, Computer Aided Design, Power and Energy, Wood Processing as well as a Cooperative Program. Throughout our curriculum we strongly emphasize teamwork and leadership skills. 

All students will find these experiences especially useful and fulfilling as they prepare for the high-tech age. It is recommended that every student take at least one course from this area while in high school.

NJ 21st Century Life and Careers Standards

All classes are 2.5 credits unless noted.

Grade 9 -12

Applied Technology and Design - Hands on course that includes activities in problem solving, critical thinking, use of tools and power machinery.

C.A.D. - Sketching, Drawing and Computer Aided Design (Auto CAD). Great for students interested in engineering, architecture, and enjoy visual communication.

Introduction to Engineering - A STEM approach to problem solving with a focus on Engineering including mechanical, civil, electrical, and industrial.

Robotics 1 - This is an introductory course in robotics. The objective of this course is to introduce the student to basic robotics building, as well as, problem solving strategies from the engineering design process.

Transportation and Energy Technology - Students will work on design and problem solving activities related to various types of transportation and energy, as well as, their environmental impact. 

Grade 10-12

Architecture and Design 1  - Understand the design techniques and language that is necessary to enter the field of architecture and industrial or trade worker needs a basic knowledge of drafting to learn how to read blueprints, to estimate cost, and to follow working instructions from blueprints. 

At Home with Technology - Units such as house construction, plumbing, electrical, masonry, and carpentry will be covered. Students will have the opportunity to construct parts of a home with building materials using common hand and power tools.

Robotics 2 - A lab-based course that uses a hands-on approach to introduce the basic concepts of robotics, focusing on the construction and programming of autonomous mobile robots.

Wood Processing 1 - Designed to introduce students to general woodworking practices. Students will expand their knowledge and experience through various projects, lessons, and tool usage.

Grade 11-12

Engineering Honors (5 credits) - This course, combined with traditional mathematics courses and science courses in high school will introduce students to the scope, rigor, and discipline of engineering prior to entering college. Students use industry standard 3D modeling software to help them design solutions to solve proposed problems, document their work using an engineer’s notebook, and communicate solutions to peers and members of the professional community through projects.

Prerequisite: Concurrently taking Physics CPE and Algebra 2 CPE

Architecture and Design 2 - Students are challenged through more advanced design challenges in Revit, Auto CAD, and 3 dimensional models.

Wood Processing 2 - Techniques used in construction are learned, emphasizing a student’s pride in his/her finished product. Students are responsible for all planning, joinery, dimensions and finishing processes to evidence the mastery. 

Structured Learning Experience (10 credits) - Students leave school early to work on job sites of interest to them, monitored by the teacher. Students interested in entering skilled career occupations. The program covers the industrial and trade areas, home economics, and medical fields. Internships and job shadowing also included. College bound students welcome.

Grade 12

Architectural Modeling - This course is designed for the advanced Architecture student, with an emphasis on the design to model process. Advanced Auto CAD 3-D skills and Revit Programs 

Prerequisite: Architecture and Design 2

Department Members:

Subject Supervisor: Claudia Dargento - [email protected], 201-337-0100 Ext.  3322

John Fazio - [email protected] (District Head Teacher)

John Russo - [email protected]

Mike Glodava - [email protected]

Department Highlights

In true collaborative spirit, teachers from the Applied Technology Department from both Ramapo and Indian Hills High School as well as Physical Education teachers from both schools participated in Professional Development Training for bike repair and maintenance.  Applied Tech students will help repair and maintain the bikes while students in the Physical Education Department use the bikes during Mountain Bike Classes. Rob Rybacki from Pedal Sports in Oakland hosted the training for teachers John Fazio, Dominic Mulieri, John Schilstra and Leslie Stephen.

Applied Tech