We live in a visual society that values the importance of the arts as a vehicle for the expression and presentation of ideas. Our daily experience connects us with the arts through images on television, websites, printed material, fashion, architecture and pretty much everything around us. Art is an integral part of every student’s education and supports the development of critical thinking skills, problem solving, and understanding the images and messages of our culture. The visual art courses offered at Ramapo and Indian Hills are structured to build student’s abilities in the arts while fostering creative and abstract thinking and problem solving skills. The art program is sequential in its scope and provides opportunities for students who are interested in exploring art as a career or as an avocation, and for students who are interested in continuing their studies on the college level. Any student, whether they are interested in a future with in the arts or not, greatly benefits from the opportunities provided as well as the knowledge, awareness and the abilities gained from being in the art room.

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