Welcome Letter

Dear Parents and Guardians,


For the protection of health and safety, a physical examination is required by the State of New Jersey for all incoming 9th graders and transfer students. The Pre-participation Physical Evaluation form needs to be completed, signed and stamped by your child’s physician, and returned to the Nurse’s office at Indian Hills prior to the first day of school.  Physicals can be sent to the school during the summer months, and it is recommended that they be scheduled in the summer to full-fill requirements for all three athletic seasons.  All Asthma Action Plans (AAP), Epipen Action Plans, Diabetic and Seizure Plans MUST accompany your child’s physical; if indicated.

Immunization Requirements

Please be sure to have your child’s updated immunization record in its entirety sent to school with your child’s health records. Your child must be in compliance with the New Jersey State Sanitary Code, Immunizations of Pupils in Schools in order to remain in school.  Failure to comply with the State’s immunization requirements will prevent your child from attending school.  Any time your child receives a new vaccine, please send documentation to the nurse’s office.

Medications In School/ Medication Forms

Parents/Guardians are encouraged to administer medications at home whenever possible.  Medications in school should be administered only when necessary for the health and safety of the student.  All medications administered in school must be brought in by the parent/guardian in the original container and be clearly labeled.  Our school Medication Consent Form must accompany the medication and be filled out and signed by your child’s physician, and signed by the parent. The form also applies to over -the -counter medications including Tylenol, Advil, and Tums.  Any omission will result in the nurse being unable to dispense medication to your child.  This form must be completed every year.  At the end of the school year, leftover medications are to be picked up by a parent or will be discarded.  No medications can be left over the summer months.

For freshman year only we will be including Pre-participation Physical Evaluation forms and Medication Consent forms.  All upperclassman will print forms from the Nurse’s Website. We welcome all of you to the RIH district and wish you a wonderful year.


Donna Garbaccio RN,BSN

Lisa Wasserman RN,BSN

Certified School Nurses