Welcome Letter

June, 2022

Dear Parents/Guardians:

The following information is provided to you at this time so you may address them during the summer months prior to the start of school.

According to New Jersey State Law #NJAC 6A:16-2.2 & NJSA 18A:40-4, a physical examination is required for all incoming 9th graders and/or transfer students.  The state physical form can be found on the IHHS website under the Nurse’s tab.  The state physical is to be within 365 days of the 1st day of school, signed and stamped by your child’s physician.

Please return the completed physicals with the updated immunization record to the Nurse’s Office during the summer months.  In addition, if your child needs additional treatment plans (allergy/asthma action plan, diabetic or seizure, please return these forms to the Nurse’s Office.  Your child must be in compliance with the New Jersey State Sanitary Code; failure to comply will prevent your child from attending school.

Fall Athletes

Medical forms are DUE BY JULY 25th to the Nurse’s Office for sport clearance.  Please send forms to the Nurse’s Office by email at [email protected] or mail.

Please continue to watch for e-blast updates regarding athletics due to uncertainty of COVID-19.

Health History Update

Every athlete needs to hand in a health history update along with their forms.  For each new sport season (Fall, Winter, Spring), a new health history update must be submitted for that sport.  The parent/guardian completes this form.

Post COVID Clearance Form

This form is for any student who was diagnosed with COVID-19.  Due to increased cardiac risk post COVID, students need to be cleared by their doctor prior to returning/playing sports.


We encourage parents or guardians to administer all medication at home.  However, at times we understand this may not be possible. All medication administered at school requires the Medication Consent Form  There are two (2) forms.  One for over the counter medication (Tylenol, Advil, Tums) which is signed by both the parent/guardian.  The second form is for prescription medications.  It must be signed by both the parent/guardian and doctor.  Both Medication Consent Forms must be signed annually.  All medication brought from home must be dispensed by the School Nurse and must be in the original pharmacy container with the student’s full name and date.

Students may not self-administer or carry over-the-counter medication.  Only life threatening medications may be self administered with medication orders (such as asthma inhaler, epi-pens and insulin).  Generally, students do visit the Nurse’s Office and request OTC’S (such Tylenol, Motrin, etc.)  which require the completed Medication Consent Form.  

For Freshman year only, we will be including Pre-Participation Physical Evaluation forms and Medication Consent forms.  All upperclassmen will print forms from the Nurse’s website.  We welcome all of you to the RIH District and wish you a wonderful year.  Contact us at [email protected].


Shelly Storzum, RN, BSN, CSN

Lisa Wasserman RN, BSN, CSN

Certified School Nurses