Displaying good sportsmanship is one of our goals for all athletes. The quality of fair play is of the utmost importance and must be given the highest priority by our teams and individual athletes. RIH athletes, coaches, students, and parents are expected to display the qualities of good sportsmanship at all times.

Enthusiastically encourage your own team and teammates.

Recognize outstanding performances, play, and effort on the part of players from both sides.

Encourage surrounding people to display sportsmanlike conduct before, during, and after contests.

Remember that players play, officials officiate, coaches coach, spectators cheer. Code of Behavior for Athletic Events:

  • Fans, coaches, and players are expected to honor and obey all rules and regulations of the NJSIAA and the Big North conference. 
  • Enthusiastically encourage your own team.
  • Refrain from negative remarks and booing.

Fans, coaches, and players are expected to treat the opponent, the officials, and other fans with respect and courtesy. Their safety and comfort should never be endangered.

Accept all decision made by the officials. Remain in the stands while play is in progress.

Follow State regulations that prohibit noisemakers, signs, and banners.

Negative behavior will not be tolerated and may lead to ejection from the event.


Spectators can help promote good sportsmanship by observing the rules of fair play. Any verbal, written, or physical conduct related to race, gender, ethnicity, disability, sexual orientation, or religion shall not be tolerated, could subject the violator to 
ejection, and may result in penalties being assessed against your team. Each one is requested to take personal responsibility for keeping this competition at a high level of good sportsmanship.