Student Interest Inventories

Naviance provides students the opportunity to explore their interests through various surveys included under the “About Me” tab in their Naviance account.

  • Do What You Are
    • This will help you learn about your personality, your strengths, your blindspots and more! You will also see suitable careers and majors. Be as honest as you can with your answers, because this is all about you!  
  • Career Interest Profiler
    • A tool that can help you discover the types of work activities and careers that match your interests. The interest profiler has 180 questions about work activities that people do at their jobs.

  • Strengths Explorer
    • StrengthsExplorer powered by Gallup, will help uncover your talents and reveal your potential strengths to you and the people in your world. From there, you will begin a wonderful journey of discovery, and you'll have the tools you need to make the most of your talents.