The Ramapo Indian Hills science departments offer a traditional lab-based science program consisting of biology, chemistry, and physics along with many elective offerings that include horticulture, anatomy & physiology, forensic science, astronomy, environmental science, contemporary issues in science, marine systems, science seminar, science and entertainment, STEM challenge lab, animal studies, sports science, and AP sciences.  Students explore the scientific world through inquiry and investigation.  As students examine the cross-cutting concepts and science and engineering practices within a discipline, they enrich their understanding through interdisciplinary connections and real-world applications. Indian Hills Science Supervisor Angela Manzi, ext 3358

Typical course sequence: Course Sequence
biology labroller coaster lab
flame chem



University Program in Science, Medicine, & Research: Please visit this link for additional information on our University Program in Science, Medicine, and Research. On Social Media: Instagram @ihscience @ihupsmr Twitter @ihupsmrscience

Additional Opportunities in Science:

Students may also explore their interest in science by joining one of the many science related clubs/activities that the district offers including: environmental club, NJ Science League teams in biology, chemistry, & physics, STEM club, robotics club, and the bird watching club.

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Department Members:

Subject Supervisor: Angela Manzi -, ext.3358

 Annmarie Anderson  6163
 Joanne Braun  6007
 Adnan Brkovic  6233
 Christopher Cornetto  6107
Christopher George
 Katie (Jerzewski) Miller  6146
 Christopher Jolin  5060
 Courtney McDonough  6017
 Jutta Marateo-Gonzalez  6057
 Michael Michels  6060
 Ashley Murphy  6027
 Ronald Petherbridge  5085
 Daniel Poalillo  6067
 Timothy Walkowich  6187
 Bob Wilson  6178
Heather Yaros-Ramos