Click Clack Front Back 2024

Click Clack Front Back
Posted on 05/29/2024
Click Clack Front Back

"Click Clack Front and Back" team competed in the 2024 U Got Brains Champion Schools Program at Great Adventure in Jackson and were the Grand Prize Winners out of 57 participating schools!


On behalf of the "Click Clack Front and Back" team members, including seniors, juniors, and freshmen, I would like to thank you again for supporting their incredible efforts this year. Thanks to everyone who signed the pledge to Share the Road, followed them on social media, viewed their website, or attended their Traffic Safety Thursday lunch on April 11.


The "Click Clack Front and Back" final project submission video is here to learn more about their efforts. We continue working with our representatives in the state legislature to improve public safety and to garner support through advocacy for two bills, S2125/A433, to enhance the rear seat belt law to primary enforcement and deter seat belt non-use. As the students mention at the end of their video, please continue to Click Clack in the Front and Back!