Click Clack Front and Back

Click Clack Front and Back
Posted on 06/05/2020
Click Clack Front and Back


On Wednesday, June 3, 2020, Indian Hills High School participated in its first-ever U Got Brains Champion Schools Program through the Brain Injury Alliance of New Jersey (BIANJ) Virtual Awards Showcase. The IHHS “CLICK CLACK FRONT & BACK” team walked away as one of three Grand Prize Winners and received $10,000 to be used toward promoting traffic safety.  

The project's objective was to increase the compliance of teens, adults, and all passengers wearing seat belts in both the front and back seat through the town of Oakland, New Jersey, and beyond. The “CLICK CLACK FRONT & BACK" project targeted any individual adult, teen, or child that would be traveling in a motor vehicle. Our primary focus was the students in grades 9-12 at Indian Hills High School. We aspired to share our message with their parents, older and younger siblings, relatives, and all those that travel to and from Indian Hills High School, including the teachers, administrators, and support staff.

With the unexpected Covid-19 pandemic, the only way we could share our project was through the media. We understood the importance of social media to spread our message and reach high school populations. We created an Instagram where we shared videos, polls, pledges, and Bingo.  We also promoted our safety message through Twitter. We provided updated information, including weekly posts, safety messages, and pictures of our Zoom meetings on our Facebook page.  Our student-created website provided a wealth of information on seatbelt safety and was visited by 473 individuals as of May 19, 2020. To keep current with the times, we even created a TikTok. Also, we knew how important it was to reach not only our community but inspire others to do something like this in their school. Oakland Police Officer Bryan Rowin shared valuable information through an email interview.  We were fortunate to have an article written by Marsha Stoltz about Indian Hills's participation published in the Suburban News and online.  We used Schoology to share messages, polls, pledges, pre and post surveys, and a Kahoot game with students and staff.  All parents at IHHS received an e-blast message explaining the "CLICK CLACK FRONT & BACK " campaign, promoting our social media and website, and Take the Pledge link.

We feel by showing our student body that there are teenagers who care about the lives of others, that it will hopefully influence others to think twice about not buckling up. We want them to remember to "CLICK CLACK FRONT & BACK " and ask themselves, "What's Holding Them Back?"

The "CLICK CLACK FRONT & BACK " team completed the project by coming together 25 times. Seven times in person, and 18 times through a distance-learning environment outside of their academic responsibilities via Zoom.  As first-time participants, this is quite an accomplishment! These 11 sophomores have been friends since middle school, and their close friendship contributed to their ability to work so well together. The energy that this group exuded when working together was awesome!  Team members include 11 students from the class of 2022.  

Samantha Bluze

Taylor Clark

Marianne Doss

Chloe Fatuova

Abby Franks

Jake Frederick

Kayla Lovette

Marissa Schaefer

Sydney Schwerzler

Chloe Tirino

Alexa Westhoff

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