2019 Fashion Design Contest

2019 Fashion Design Contest
Posted on 03/20/2019
2019 Fashion Design Contest

The New Jersey State Society Daughters of the American Revolution 2019 Fashion Design Contest was held recognizing those students with sewing and design skills, a great opportunity to give students that gets their hands off their cell phones. Indian Hills celebrates eight winners, the largest amount in the state.

The winners are as follows:
Justin Brett – Senior 1st place Creative Merit
Jade Fishmann – 1st place  Junior Jacket Division
Allie Mazzilli – 1st place Creative Merit Jackets
Faith Fishman – 1st place Senior Separates
Betsy Willis – 2nd place Junior Separates
Alexandra Murray – 1st place Creative Merit Separates
Joey Montwaid – 2nd place – Junior Jackets
Shannon Mulkeen – 1st place –Senior Ensemble