Senior Prom FAQs

Senior Prom FAQs
Posted on 05/04/2021
Senior Prom FAQs

Senior Prom FAQs

Updated 5/4/21


Q: What is the general structure of the prom event?

A:         7:00pm-8:00pm: Arrival, check in cocktail hour- find dinner tables 

8:00pm-8:40pm: Dancing opportunity 

8:40pm: Find tables and be dismissed table by table for buffet dinner and sit to eat 

9:15pm-10:00pm: Illusionist performance during seated dinner

10:00pm-11:00pm: Dancing and dismissal / meet and greet with illusionist 


Q: Can seniors bring guests who aren’t in the IHHS Class of 2021?

A: No - Due to the capacity limits of the NJ Executive Order only IHHS seniors can attend.


Q: Can you purchase a prom bid after the initial ticket sales? 

A: No - student headcounts, seating arrangements, and venue capacity for the ballroom must be known beforehand. Deadline is set for May 6th. 


Q: If you change your mind after buying a prom bid and decide not to go, can you get a refund?

A: Yes


Q: How do students get to and from prom?

A: Students can drive themselves, parents can drop off/pick up, limo, etc.


Q: Can a senior leave early or do they have to stay until 11:00pm?

A: Yes - Students can leave early with parent permission and communication with administration


Q: Does the school’s code of conduct apply to students attending prom? 

A: Yes - Students must follow the school’s code of conduct with regards to behavior, this includes vaping, other drugs and/or alcohol use. Anyone suspected to be under the influence of alcohol or other drugs will need to have an immediate medical examination and diagnostic screen.   


Q: Will the school be providing faculty chaperones and security aides to assist with student behavior and management?

A: Yes - Management of students and their behavior will be under the direct supervision of IH chaperones, as well as, building administrators.


Q: What safety and mitigation measures are in place for COVID-19?

A: All mandates by the State with regard to physical distancing will be in place: Tables will be a minimum of 6 ft apart with no more than 8 students per table. Face coverings are required when not actively eating or drinking. Universal precautions such as hand-washing. Physical distancing will be monitored and students will be encouraged to move about the in-door and outdoor space of the venue and outside grounds. 


Q: What happens if a student does not follow the safety and mitigation measures during the event? 

A: A parent/guardian may be called and the student may be dismissed from the event. 


Q: Will there be assigned seating?

A: Yes - NJ Executive Directive 20-019 allows a maximum of 8 people per table with at least 6 ft between tables. Students can request tablemates via google form following ticket sales. 


Q: Will face coverings “masks” be required on the dance floor?

A: Yes - Face coverings must be worn at all times except when actively eating or drinking.


Q: Will restrooms be available and monitored?

A: Yes - Two restrooms are available and will be closely monitored by IH chaperones. 


Q: Will students be required to maintain 6ft physical distance when dancing?

A: On Friday, May 7, dance floors at private catered events will reopen with masking and physical distancing requirements in place, meaning groups would have to stay six feet apart on the dance floor. Students will be encouraged to move about the venue’s indoor and outdoor spaces utilizing multiple dance floor areas. 


Q: Is slow dancing between two students permissible? 

A: No - Masking and physical distancing requirements must be in place when on the dance floor. 


Q: When students go outdoors, will they be able to remove face coverings for quick photographs?

A: Yes- Mask breaks will be allowed with physical distancing safeguards in place. 


Q: If a student is vaccinated, do they have to wear a face covering even if outdoors?

A: Yes - Fully vaccinated people no longer need to wear a mask outdoors except in certain crowded settings and venues. The prom qualifies as a crowded setting and venue. 


Q: How will food be served?

A: Trained food servers from the venue will be handling the food & beverage service. Prom will follow a buffet style format. 


Q: Will there be an option to eat outdoors?

A: Yes - there are outdoor spaces available such as the terrace, as well as, table seating in the hybrid ballroom with a wall that expands the entire length of the room featuring floor to ceiling windows that overlooks Franklin Lake. 


Q: How will cleaning/sanitizing be handled?
A: Indian Trail Club abides by all health and safety regulations in place for restaurants/catering facilities.


Q: Will COVID tests be required ahead of time?

A: No. However, if your child is experiencing covid-like symptoms or was recently exposed to a covid positive individual, our daily screening and school exclusion protocols are to be followed.  


Q: Will there be temperature checks before entering? 

A: No. Although fever is a common COVID-19 symptom, studies have found that a half to two-thirds of infected people have no symptoms, so their temperature won’t identify them.


Q: Does a COVID19 health screening form need to be submitted before arriving at prom?

A: Yes - all prom attendees must complete an electronic Genesis screening form. This form will be in Genesis and specific to senior prom. All in-person students will need to complete both the daily and prom specific health screener form on the day of the event.