Posted on 03/20/2020
Dear Indian Hills Community,

Certainly, nothing replaces the authenticity of face to face experiences for all aspects of education. It has been difficult, to say the least, for our whole community to be physically distant from each other. Of course, the academic aspect of school is a major priority, but often it is the wide variety of activities and athletics that help students feel connected to their school. When that came to an abrupt stop last week, it was hard on all of us.

This is why I was very excited to hear about an idea that came from our PTSO president, Lisa Ambrose, and our Supervisor of Guidance, Kate Robinson, to have students and teachers create a #BraveWave to help keep up the spirits of our school community. Within hours of the announcement, students and faculty joined in and started sharing videos of themselves participating in a school wide virtual wave; similar to one that you may see at a sporting event or concert. It was at this point that our TV Production/Drama teacher and Director, Kim Marino, donated her time and talents to collect the separate videos and create the unified video that we are sharing.

It was a comfort to see our staff and students smiling and finding a way to stay connected to each other as a real community. We often brag about Indian Hills having a sense of family, and this is another great example of that wonderful Braves spirit that we wanted to share with you. I am humbled to see how quickly this came together and how dedicated our students, parents, and faculty are to maintaining the spirit and community of Indian Hills High School. 

As one of our teachers, George Hill, always says: It's a Great Day to Be A Brave!

Here is the YouTube link to the video. Enjoy!

Dr. Gregory Vacca
Indian Hills High School
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