Parent Athletic Committee (PAC)


Welcome to the 2019-2020 school year at Indian Hill High School!

The Parent Athletic Committee (PAC) is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization with a New Jersey Gaming License. We invite all members of the Indian Hills community to join and support the students and the athletic teams by becoming a member of PAC. Now entering its 23rd year, the Parents Athletic Council of Indian Hills (PAC) is dedicated to fostering school spirit by supporting the 29 athletic programs.


Our annual family membership of $75 allows you to designate $20 towards the team(s) of your choice. Donate to 1, 2 or 3 teams of your choice.  In case of two or more teams, the money will be divided evenly. PAC will be adding $1.00 to those athletes that support 3 teams rounding the dollar amount to $7.00 per team.

PAC dues also entitle members to significantly reduced costs when attending the Varsity or JV/Freshmen Awards Dinner.  

In order to be eligible for a PAC scholarship, the student must be a PAC member all four years of high school.

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All members of the Indian Hills community can support us through our merchandise sales. PAC offers a variety of sportswear with the Indian Hills and Braves logo. PAC offers this sale twice a year (Fall and Spring).  


Please join us for our monthly meeting. Meetings will be held on the second Monday of every month (except December) at 7:00 pm in the Teacher's Lounge.

2019/2020 Meeting Schedule:

  • 9/9/19
  • 10/14/19
  • 11/11/19
  • 1/13/20
  • 2/10/20
  • 3/9/20
  • 4/13/20
  • 5/11/20
  • 6/8/20



PAC sponsors the Sports Dinners for each season (Fall, Winter & Spring) for the Varsity letter earners and JV/Freshman award earners. 

Please be on the lookout for more information about this year’s dinners coming soon.


Through its various activities and fundraisers, all of the funds generated by PAC go to support our students. These funds from PAC have resulted in the following:

  • Establishment of an annual gift to the Junior class
  • Awarding $1,000 scholarships to members of the senior class; over $100,000 given since inception
  • New lockers for the team locker room
  • Press box, lights and flag pole in the football stadium
  • Sponsorship of the Varsity and JV/Freshman dinners recognizing each group of athletes
  • Scoreboards for the baseball and softball fields
  • Scorer's table and team chairs for gymnasium sporting events
  • Installation of an electronic message board at the school's entrance
  • Financial support for extra activities for the school's teams and clubs; start-up funds for Varsity Club
  • Provided specialized equipment needs for the teams including the weight room equipment and sound system
  • Organizing and contributing to the Sports Award Board;
  • Recognition plaques for Bowling & Gymnastics
  • Funding a new golf cart for the Athletic trainer
  • Support community fundraisers by providing the stand services
  • Allocation of membership dollars towards a specific athletic team
  • Financial support of the Athlete of the Week pictures
  • Padded chairs for the gym for the athletic teams to use
  • 2 Weight Room benches
  • Stationary bikes for Training Room
  • Injury treatment system with compression & cooling  for Training Room


Everyone is encouraged to become part of the PAC experience. Give as much or as little time as possible. Choose from among the activities listed below and volunteer today.

  • Awards Dinners – These dinners are held at the conclusion of each sports season (fall, winter, and spring) to honor all Varsity and JV/Freshmen letter winners. Individuals are needed to coordinate the events in conjunction with the athletic department.
  • Merchandising – The selling of Braves wear is a fundraiser to support PAC. Individuals are needed to coordinate the ordering and distribution of items.
  • Refreshment Stands – PAC members staff the refreshment stands for home games in throughout the school year.  In addition, Indian Hills has had the privilege of hosting such events as the Bergen County Soccer Tournament, State Sectional Track Championships, State Lacrosse Championships, Wrestling quads and Cheerleading competitions. In order to open the stand for all these events, parent volunteers are needed.
  • Team Representatives – Parents are needed on the Varsity, JV, and Freshman levels to facilitate communications between PAC, coaches, and parents.
  • Golf Outing - PAC will be offering a Golf Outing this spring – volunteers as well as golfers will be needed.
  • PAC Breakfast – PAC is looking to host breakfasts throughout the school year during various athletic competitions. Volunteers will be needed to help out! 


President: Michelle Gaffney     

1stVice President – Membership – Andrea Marra

Secretary – Jamie Willis

Treasurer – Alla Safir-Krause

2ndVice President – Snack Stand – OPEN

2nd  Vice President – BravesWear – Sharon Ward &  Tracy Zeafeus

2ndVice President – Sports Dinners – Mary Kay Moro


For all questions, please contact PAC at IHHSPAC@GMAIL.COM