Unit Summary

This unit describes physical fitness and what is required to obtain a physically fit body. Students will learn the Health Related and Skill Related components of Physical Fitness. They will learn about the benefits of physical fitness and why it is important to engage in life long fitness.  Students will learn the basic training principles of physical fitness and learn how to create and design their own physical fitness/ workout program.  Students will learn about exercise safety guidelines and the benefits of stress management. 


  • To develop the fundamental skills and techniques necessary to attain life long wellness / fitness.
  • To acquire knowledge of the concepts and used to develop a complete exercise program.
  • To develop techniques to manage stress.
  • To appreciate the emotional, mental, physical and social benefits of physical fitness.


  • Students are monitored by teacher supervision and interaction
  • Teacher will be observing for appropriateness of behavior in student actions and interactions as well as participation during class.
  • Students will be assessed on their ability to demonstrate knowledge and proper use of fitness equipment, as well as an understanding of various exercise programs and the components of fitness.
  • Students may be given a written test.