Team Sports

Team Sports

Unit Summary

Team games are introduced as possible life long activities. Techniques and concepts necessary to successfully participate as well as a thorough explanation of the rules are taught to facilitate a positive playing experience.  Students will spend the first week of each unit learning the fundamentals and rules of the game, followed by modified games.  The unit will conclude with a tournament game schedule, playoff and championship. 


  • To develop the fundamental skills and techniques necessary to play a chosen team sport.
  • To acquire knowledge of the rules and strategies used for playing a chosen team sport.
  • To develop, improve and consistently attempt the skills necessary for playing a chosen team sport.
  • To develop team play concepts and provide opportunities for the enhancement of interpersonal relationships


  • Students are monitored by teacher supervision and interaction.
  • Teacher will be observing for appropriateness of behavior in student actions and interactions as well as participation during class.
  • Students will be assessed on their ability to demonstrate knowledge of game rules, and execution or attempted execution of fundamental skills, techniques and game concepts.
  • Students may be given a written test on rules and scoring.