Grading Policy

Physical Education

Unit Learning Targets

  • Students will be taught and given opportunity to practice and improve on the various fundamental skills necessary to participate in their chosen activity.
  • Students will learn and understand the terminology, rules and strategies, exercise or dance routines, necessary to participate effectively, safely and successfully in their chosen unit.
  • Student will learn and practice the fundamental skills and techniques necessary to compete or participate effectively in their chosen unit.
  • Students will demonstrate the ability to compete or participate showing the sportsmanship, leadership, effort and teamwork necessary to be an effective and positive team player. 

Grading Policy

EPS – Effort / Participation / Sportsmanship (EPS)

This includes character, cooperation, sportsmanship, interest and class conduct. Students will be observed for their ability to interact cooperatively with their classmates during all activities.

  1. Student will demonstrate positive decision-making, acceptable social and personal behaviors, and participate in a safe and cooperative manner during all physical activity settings. 

Activity Assessment (AA)

  1. Demonstrates use of strategies during game play while maintaining a high level of intensity.
  2. Demonstrates proper skill mechanics or the attempt of proper skill mechanics consistently.
  3. Adheres to and knows the rules of the game or activity.
  4. Organizes teammates toward a positive common goal.

Warm Up (WU)

  1. Student will be highly engaged in all aspects of the warm up, and actively engaged in all flexibility, strength, and cardiovascular exercises during dynamic warm-ups and all fitness activities.


Physical education is essentially an activity based, participation course.  You must be in class and prepared to participate, in order to be successful.  An unprepared student will lose full credit for the day.

Unprepared students who choose to sit out and observe class, lose the privilege to make up that class since they are present during the instructional phase of the prescribed activity.


Students who cut class will also lose the privilege to make up class and will lose full credit for the day.


A. Non-Credit Absence

  • One non-credited absence per unit will be allowed
  • After 1st non-credit absence, students must make up remaining non-credited absences to receive credit for the day
  • A non-credited absent student will lose full credit for the day 

B. Credited Absence

  • Do not have to be made up 


In order to receive credit for Physical Education all students medically excused for more than half the days of a unit must submit a typed report(s) or other designated assignment to their Physical Education grading and/ or activity teacher. Each typed report will represent an entire unit.  Those excused for part of this time will discuss with their teacher what is required for the missing time.